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Body Contouring Specialist

Deborah D Viglione, MD -  - Integrative and Internal Medicine Physician

Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center

Deborah D Viglione, MD

Integrative and Internal Medicine Physician & Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine located in Gulf Breeze, FL

When it comes to body contouring, there are a couple of ways you can achieve the slimmer and more sculpted look you want. At Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center, Deborah Viglione, MD, an integrative and internal medicine physician, has 25 years of experience in guiding patients to the ideal body sculpting solution for their individual needs. Dr. Viglione performs both non-surgical fat reduction and infrasonic liposuction in her Gulf Breeze, Florida, office, so reach out by phone to request your consultation now.

Body Contouring Q & A

What is non-surgical body contouring?

For non-surgical body contouring at Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center, Dr. Viglione uses the industry-leading VelaShape III. This FDA-approved treatment uses a completely noninvasive tool for selective fat destruction, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening. 

VelaShape III body contouring is ideal for stubborn fat that doesn’t improve with weight loss and exercise. The most popular areas for body contouring include: 

  • Hips
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Back

VelaShape III uses vacuum manipulation to gently pull fat cells upwards. Then, infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency energy combine to heat and destroy unwanted fat. Ultimately, the treatment can significantly improve your body contours through a short series of treatments. 

What is infrasonic liposuction body contouring?

Infrasonic liposuction, aka tickle liposuction, is an advanced version of liposuction that Dr. Viglione performs on-site at Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center. It’s a more extensive type of outpatient body contouring that can eliminate larger amounts of fat.

During infrasonic liposuction, Dr. Viglione makes a small incision in the treatment area. She uses tumescent fluid — a mix of saline, numbing medication, and a small amount of epinephrine — to prepare the treatment area. 

Then, she uses a vibrating cannula to loosen and extract fat deposits. The vibrating cannula allows for improved maneuverability and more symmetrical results. It’s also more comfortable than traditional liposuction. Many patients say it tickles a bit, hence the nickname tickle liposuction. 

With infrasonic liposuction, Dr. Viglione can remove up to 1000 cc of fat per procedure. This form of liposuction is far safer and more reliable than traditional liposuction, as Dr. Viglione performs infrasonic liposuction using local rather than general anesthesia. 

Because you’re awake for this procedure, Dr. Viglione can move you frequently to achieve the best, most even results. Also, the epinephrine in the tumescent fluid constricts your blood vessels to minimize blood loss. 

If desired, Dr. Viglione can perform a fat transfer, moving your fat to another part of your body where you need volume, such as the breasts, hands, buttocks, or face. The removed fat contains valuable stem cells that she can process for use in cosmetic or orthopedic procedures, as well. 

What can I expect after body contouring?

After VelaShape III body contouring, you might have some minor redness and warmth in the treatment area, but it generally fades in a few hours. There’s no downtime and you can even schedule the treatment on your lunch hour. 

After infrasonic liposuction, you must wear a compression garment in the treatment area for about a month. Each patient is unique, so healing and recovery can vary. Most patients return to their regular routines within only a few days. 

To find out which body contouring option suits you best, call Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center to request an appointment  now.