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Weight Management


Face it, in today’s world it is very difficult to lose and maintain a healthy weight with all of the food additives, chemicals, and GMO foods that are adversely affecting our gut (microbiome) and metabolism. The incidence of Diabetes has sky-rocketed. This correlates with the introduction of GMO corn syrup into our foods. Now all corn (unless it is organic) is genetically modified and is sprayed and genetically modified to produce glyphosate or round-up. This is reaking havoc in our gut as well as destroying our pancreas’s. The older we get, the more insulin resistant we get and the more our metabolism slows down.

At Living Waters we take a comprehensive approach to weight management by trying to improve the microbiome, changing lifestyle, and using pharmaceuticals to more expediently burn fat and reduce weight. Yes, we prescribe appetite suppressants among other weight loss prescriptions. We also encourage use of nutritional supplementation. Call for an appointment and to learn more!

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