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Integrative Medicine & Alternative Health


Dr. Viglione practices integrative medicine. She has extremely strong traditional internal medicine training and experience. She has spent years practicing hospital medicine which included a great deal of intensive care medicine. However, traditional medicine focuses primarily on treating and controlling symptoms and diseases rather than on prevention and healing. Even alternative medicine can become focused in the same way, concentrating on treating symptoms, although it is generally done with herbs and more natural treatments rather than pharmaceuticals. Dr. Viglione focuses on detoxification and nutritional approaches to healing and wellness. Her emphasis now is Nutrigenomics – using nutrition to affect gene expression. She prefers activating genes and pathways in the body rather than merely using supplementation to treat the root causes of illness rather than just symptoms. Oxidative stress is the root cause of almost all aging and disease. Knowing this treating oxidative stress is of paramount importance in treating all of her patients. She recognizes the value and often life-saving place of pharmaceutical drugs, yet prefers to take a more natural approach when possible.

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