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Understanding the Core Principles of Integrative Health

Understanding the Core Principles of Integrative Health

Conventional medicine. Alternative medicine. Complementary medicine. If you care about your health, you've probably heard these terms, which define different approaches to wellness and reflect different medical traditions and practices.

Conventional medicine treats health issues with medication and surgery. Alternative medicine offers just what its name suggests: alternatives to the standard medical care offered by doctors and hospitals. Alternative medicine is typically offered in place of the usual medical care.

Complementary medicine offers treatment options that accompany, or complement, traditional medical treatment.

Which approach is best? 

At Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center in Gulf Breeze, Florida, primary care physician Deborah D. Viglione, MD, and her team offer what she considers to be the best possible approach for optimal health and wellness: integrative care. This combines, or integrates, the best of all types of care. Here are some core principles.

Principle 1: No single approach is always best

You may meet people who believe that conventional medicine is the best — and only — way to optimize health. The Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center team disagrees. Although conventional medicine does help with many conditions, some health goals are best met with less conventional therapies or a combination of approaches.

Dr. Viglione evaluates your situation and recommends a personalized treatment plan based on your individual needs, goals, and preferences. She has extensive training and experience in a full range of conventional, complementary, and alternative therapies. 

Integrative care offers patients an array of therapies for treating and preventing disease. You can explore your options and choose the treatment path that best suits your individual situation.

Principle 2: Patient and provider are partners

Too often, conventional medicine puts the provider on a pedestal and considers the patient a passive participant in care. But Dr. Viglione and her team believe patients and providers should work together to define health objectives and identify the best treatment paths.

When it comes to your care, Dr. Viglione always listens to you, answers your questions, and invites your input.

Principle 3: Wellness is more than treating symptoms

Conventional medicine may treat only the symptoms of a disease. Integrative medicine goes further, addressing the cause of illness as well as factors that could lead to health problems later in life.

Dr. Viglione is passionate not only about helping people heal, but also about assisting them in preventing illness, slowing down the aging process, and optimizing well-being and appearance. She takes a holistic view toward full-body wellness.

For example, Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center offers a medical weight loss program because achieving a healthy weight helps reduce disease risk as well as improving how you look and how you feel about yourself. And the team offers a full range of anti-aging treatments that not only help you look better as you age, but rejuvenate your mind and body as well.  

Principle 4: Aim for a natural, noninvasive approach

Sometimes a condition requires a strong medical or surgical response. But in other cases, a more natural, less invasive therapy can meet your health objectives without subjecting your body to traumatic care. Integrative care seeks to use the least invasive, most natural approaches possible.

Principle 5: We’re always here for you

Dr. Viglione and her team consider it an honor to work with each patient. You’re welcome to make an appointment whenever you have a question or concern. To schedule a consultation or to learn more about treatment options for your health, anti-aging, and cosmetic needs, call our office at 850-290-4806.

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