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The Benefits of Working With a Biohacker to Improve Your Health

The Benefits of Working With a Biohacker to Improve Your Health

Do you want to be your very best self? Are you intrigued by strategies and processes that help optimize your energy, strength, focus, and productivity? Do you believe in outside-the-box thinking when it comes to maximizing your health and performance?

If your answer to any of those questions is "yes," you may be interested in learning more about biohacking. This is an approach to health and wellness that uses scientific creativity and innovative techniques and treatments to enhance your well-being.

At Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center in Gulf Breeze, Florida, primary care physician Deborah D. Viglione, MD, believes there are many paths to wellness and disease management. One of these is biohacking, which is generating tremendous enthusiasm in the wellness community. Here, we explain more about this exciting approach to health optimization.

What is biohacking?

As an integrative medicine and alternative health care provider who supports outside-the-box thinking, Dr. Viglione embraces the principles of biohacking. This groundbreaking approach uses the latest discoveries in science and technology to optimize health and performance and slow down the aging process.

Biohacking brings about results by activating genes associated with longevity and survival. It does so by taking a pioneering, imaginative approach to wellness. Biohacking helps you reach your genomic potential by optimizing your cellular and enzyme performance.

Principles of biohacking

The following are just a few of the principles and processes involved in biohacking.

Functional and cellular testing

Testing helps determine your wellness weaknesses. For biohacking purposes, Dr. Viglione tests for the following:

Customized care

Based on the results of the various tests, Dr. Viglione creates customized care plans to help bring your body back into balance. Biohacking’s basic aspects include cleaning up your diet, reducing your exposure to toxins,  undergoing detoxification, and applying the science of nutrigenomics, which addresses interactions between food and your genes.

Care plans may include a mix of traditional medical treatments, integrative care, and nutritional and physical fitness adjustments. 

Nutritional supplementation

Nutritional imbalances play a significant role in various processes that impact aging, gut health, energy levels, mental focus, and physical and sexual performance. Identifying and addressing nutritional imbalances is a key part of biohacking that helps you optimize wellness. 

Once testing identifies your nutritional deficiencies, supplements and dietary changes help restore your nutritional balance, which sets the stage for pro-health gene expression within your body. Nutritional biohacking helps activate survival genes and support cellular rejuvenation.

Biohack your way to wellness

Dr. Viglione welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge about biohacking and to coach you on your journey to becoming the healthiest version of yourself. To schedule a biohacking consultation, call our office at 850-290-4806.

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