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Restore Your Vaginal Health With Noninvasive Viveve®

Healthy vaginal tissue is strong, moist, and flexible. It’s rich in collagen, a protein that provides elasticity and resilience. Highly functional vaginal tissue plays an important role in sexual and urinary health.

As women age, their vaginal health and wellness can suffer. Changes in hormone levels can lead to reduced collagen levels in vaginal tissue. As a result, you may experience discomfort during sex, urinary incontinence, and other symptoms.

At Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center in Gulf Breeze, Florida, integrative and internal medicine physician Deborah D. Viglione, MD, understands the importance of vaginal health, and she offers nonsurgical Viveve® therapy. Here, we explain how Viveve can help restore vaginal health and improve a range of frustrating symptoms.

About vaginal health

Women with vaginal problems may develop a condition known as vaginal atrophy. Atrophy causes vaginal tissues to get drier and thinner. It can lead to symptoms such as:

Menopause is a common cause of vaginal atrophy, but symptoms can also be brought on by childbirth, certain medications, some types of cancer treatment, and surgical removal of your ovaries.

Rejuvenating your vagina

Dr. Viglione helps women restore their vaginal health using the Viveve system. As part of a sexual optimization treatment plan, Viveve is a safe, effective procedure that helps reverse vaginal atrophy by delivering gentle heat energy to your vaginal tissue.

Treatment with Viveve triggers the production of new collagen within your vaginal tissues. As collagen levels increase and the structural integrity of your vagina is restored, your vagina becomes tighter, stronger, and more elastic. It produces more of the moisture necessary for enjoyable intercourse and helps heighten pleasurable sensations.

In addition, Viveve treatment can help relieve certain urinary symptoms, such as frequent urination, urinary incontinence, and a tendency to develop urinary tract infections. It does so by supporting the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine out of the body from the bladder.

Viveve is noninvasive, meaning doesn’t involve any incisions. During your treatment, Dr. Viglione simply inserts the Viveve handpiece into your vagina, and the device emits radiofrequency energy that gently and safely revives your vaginal tissue. Results can last for as long as one year.

Relief for your vaginal symptoms

Don’t put up with vaginal symptoms any longer. Contact Dr. Viglione for a vaginal health evaluation today. To make an appointment, call our office at 850-290-4806.

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