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How to Ensure Natural-Looking Filler Results

How to Ensure Natural-Looking Filler Results

You may have seen people who’ve gone too far with dermal fillers or Botox® injections and don’t quite look like themselves anymore. If you’re considering cosmetic treatments, you’re hoping to achieve a look that’s more youthful but also natural.

At Living Waters Regenerative Medicine CenterDr. Deborah Viglione and her staff want to help you look your best. We find that for most people, that means looking like yourself — but with fewer signs of age. We offer numerous services that can help you feel great about your look, including Botox and fillers

There are some things that you can do that will help ensure you get the natural-looking results you want when you use dermal fillers to restore lost volume. In this post, we offer our best tips. 

The most important thing is…

When it comes to getting dermal fillers, the most critical step is choosing the right professional to administer your injections. Skill and training are paramount for excellent results. 

The American Academy of Dermatology suggests finding a medical doctor who has “many satisfied patients” — like Dr. Viglione. It goes on to say that your results depend in large part on the experience of the person who administers your injection.

Consider what you want carefully

If you’ve always had very thin lips and dreamed of how you would look with a fuller, pouty smile, it may be tempting to use fillers to get that look. But fillers work best when you use them to enhance your natural beauty rather than to completely change how you look.

When you come to us for fillers, we discuss your options, and Dr. Viglione makes treatment suggestions based on what you want as well as your physical characteristics. You have the opportunity to ask questions and understand what’s likely to give you the natural, beautiful look you want. 

In some cases, the best method is to make small changes over time through a conservative series of treatments.

Follow instructions

One of the benefits of getting dermal fillers is that it’s generally a very simple procedure that doesn’t require recovery time. You may need to avoid makeup or heavy exertion for a few days, though. We always make sure you thoroughly understand your aftercare instructions. 

Different types of fillers require different things. For example, you may need to avoid touching or sleeping on the area where you had an injection, or you may need to massage it several times a day.

Learn more about fillers

Your appearance is important, both in how you feel about yourself and in how other people perceive you. Carefully chosen cosmetic procedures, performed by a highly trained and experienced expert can help you present your best self to the world and feel great about doing it.

If you have questions about dermal fillers, call us to schedule an appointment at Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center in Gulf Breeze, Florida, today. 

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