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Here’s How Botox® Works Behind the Scenes to Minimize Your Wrinkles

Clostridium botulinum is the toxin used to make Botox® and similar injections designed to smooth away wrinkles. If it seems to you that injecting a toxin might be a bad idea, keep reading! 

When making cosmetic injections using botulinum, the toxin is purified, and in the hands of  a highly skilled and trained professional, Botox is quite safe.

Dr. Deborah Viglione and her team understand that living your best life includes feeling great about how you look. If you’re worried about lines and wrinkles, concern about your appearance can affect your confidence. At Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center, we offer Botox injections and other purely cosmetic procedures because feeling confident is beneficial for your health. 

Often, our patients have questions about Botox, because injecting a toxin into your body has to be bad, right? In this post, we describe how Botox works and why it’s considered safe.

Muscle structure and wrinkles

When you lower your eyebrows, squint, or frown, it’s likely that two lines appear between your eyebrows. These lines are called glabellar lines, but you may have heard them called frown lines. 

Two sets of muscles are involved in the action of pulling your eyebrows down: corrugators and procerus muscles. Whether or not you have glabellar lines depends on several factors, including how damaged your skin is from sun exposure, your genetic makeup, and the number of times you’ve contracted those particular muscles.

If you think of your skin as a piece of paper that’s been folded in the same way many times, it’s easy to understand how a lifetime of making the same facial expressions again and again could result in wrinkles. 

Interrupting the nerve signals

Your nerves use chemicals called neurotransmitters to signal when muscles should contract or relax. One such neurochemical is acetylcholine. Botox prevents acetylcholine from being released, which disrupts the signal for the corrugators and procerus muscles to contract as tightly.

The result is a smoother, younger-look. As a bonus, the wrinkles don’t get any deeper. 

Though we used glabellar lines as an example, Botox can also help smooth angled lines around your eyes, often called crow’s feet, or horizontal lines across your forehead.

For most people, a Botox injection lasts for at least three months, but it can last as long as a year. If you make Botox a part of your regular beauty routine, you may find that each injection lasts a little longer. 

Botox and safety 

Botox has been in use for more than two decades, and it’s been studied thoroughly. Many thousands of people have had Botox injections, and although side effects are possible, they’re rare and usually subside quickly. 

If you rub or massage the area where you have an injection, the Botox can migrate to a different part of your face, causing temporary facial weakness or drooping. Other potential side effects include bruising or pain at the site of the injection, headache, nausea, or redness.

Working with a highly skilled medical professional like Dr. Viglione is the best way to make sure you have a safe experience when you receive a cosmetic injection. 

If you’re curious about Botox or you think it might be just the right procedure for you, schedule an appointment at Living Water Regenerative Medicine Center in Gulf Breeze, Florida, today.

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