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Give Your Immune System a Boost This Cold & Flu Season With IV Therapy

Give Your Immune System a Boost This Cold & Flu Season With IV Therapy

When you think about getting fluids or medications intravenously, you probably think about being hospitalized. But IV therapy can be administered for numerous reasons, and one of the best we can think of is to help you avoid getting hospitalized! 

At Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center in Gulf Breeze, Florida, Dr. Deborah Viglione and her staff have seen firsthand how IV therapy can benefit the well-being of healthy individuals. This therapy can address numerous concerns, including: 

In this post, we discuss how IV therapy can help you avoid getting sick during the height of cold and flu season this fall and winter. 

Your immune system

When it comes to avoiding illness, the key is having a healthy immune system. Your immune system is your defense mechanism, and it protects you from the bacteria and viruses that cause illness. 

Most bacteria and viruses are spread in one of two ways: through airborne respiratory droplets or surface contact, such as when someone who’s sick touches something, and then you touch it and also touch your face. Washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face, and having a strong immune system are the best ways to avoid becoming sick. 

In addition to avoiding illness in the first place, having a strong immune system can help you recover more quickly if you do catch something. 

Dehydration and vitamin deficiency

You may be mildly dehydrated most of the time. IV therapy corrects that problem, which helps your body maintain a healthy balance of electrolytes. When you’re properly hydrated, your immune system doesn’t have to work quite as hard. 

Another key to a healthy immune system is having all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Even people who eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet may have vitamin or mineral deficiencies. 

Taking vitamins by mouth may help, but it’s not particularly efficient. As the vitamin is processed through your digestive system, about 60% of it is lost and excreted in your urine.

IV therapy provides a needed boost

Dr. Viglione doesn’t provide just one IV treatment to all of her patients. The ingredients to your specific IV cocktail are based on your individual needs. That means you get exactly the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body requires for a well-functioning immune system.

When you receive IV therapy, 100% of the ingredients are absorbed directly into your blood, so you also don’t have to guess at how much of the needed nutrients you’re getting. Dr. Viglione makes sure you get what you need and in the amounts you need it. 

Give your body the tools it needs to stay healthy this year during cold and flu season. Schedule your appointment for IV therapy at Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center today.

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