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5 Reasons to Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy After 50

5 Reasons to Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy After 50

Over the last 30 years or so, there’s been some debate regarding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to a report from the Women’s Health Initiative that seemed to indicate the treatment could raise the risk of cardiovascular events. However, many studies since then have shown that the risk is higher only in certain instances.

One of the reasons that patients come to Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center is that Dr. Deborah Viglione considers you as a whole person rather than as a patient with isolated symptoms. She carefully evaluates your symptoms in the context of your overall health before making recommendations. 

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable symptoms related to menopause, she makes sure that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy — a natural alternative to synthetic hormones — is a safe treatment for you before recommending it. The following five benefits are crucial considerations if your life is being disrupted by the symptoms of menopause.

1. Hot flashes

One of the most common and disruptive symptoms women report in the years before menopause are hot flashes. Around 80% of women have vasomotor symptoms — the medical name for hot flashes — and for many of them, the sudden onset of hot flashes make working, enjoying a busy social life, and other activities difficult.

Yet few women — only about 25% of those affected with moderate to severe symptoms — seek medical intervention. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is often a safe and simple way to ease the discomfort of hot flashes. 

2. Sleep disturbances

Hot flashes at night are called night sweats, and they can decrease the amount and quality of your sleep — which leads to a host of other problems. Lack of quality sleep is associated with a number of health conditions including obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease.

Some women experience insomnia as a symptom of menopause, so even if you don’t have night sweats, you may still have sleep disturbances during the years leading up to menopause. HRT may be a solution for your sleep issues.

3. Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy are also relatively common in menopause. Both are uncomfortable and can affect your sex life. 

Dr. Viglione wants you to enjoy a full, active, healthy life, and that includes your sex life. Hormone therapy may be a key for good sexual health

4. Prevent bone loss

Estrogen has a protective effect on your bone health. During menopause, your body produces less estrogen. Bone loss and osteoporosis are serious concerns for women during and after menopause. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is an effective way to bring your hormones into balance and prevent bone loss. If you have other risk factors for osteoporosis along with menopause, HRT may be an appropriate treatment approach. 

5. Mood swings/depression

For some women, menopause brings about depression or anxiety. It’s a major life transition, your hormones are variable, and it can be a difficult time. HRT, sometimes in combination with an antidepressant, is often a solution for mood disorders related to menopause. 

Get personalized advice

When you’re considering any medical treatment, it’s important to talk to a provider who works to understand your overall wellness and to help you enjoy good health in all areas of your life. Dr. Viglione is dedicated to bringing you natural, effective solutions that improve the quality of your life and your health. 

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, schedule an appointment at Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center today.

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