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4 Popular Motivations for Nonsurgical Body Contouring

New technology and techniques have made changing the shape of your body easier than it once was. With nonsurgical body contouring, you can enjoy less cellulite, less fat, and tighter, smoother skin — all without scalpels, extensive recovery, or other drawbacks associated with traditional cosmetic surgery. 

Dr. Deborah Viglione and her team at Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center understand that living your best life means feeling great about how you look. A balanced and nutritious diet and an active lifestyle are important components of a healthy life, but self-confidence adds another dimension and allows you to interact with the world in ways you might not otherwise do. That’s one reason we offer body contouring

Here, we describe the body contouring service we provide and list four of the most common reasons we hear from patients about what motivates them to have the procedure. 

What exactly is body contouring?

Dr. Viglione uses the VelaShape® III device to help patients achieve a sleek, smooth body shape. It involves a combination of vacuum, infrared light, and bipolar radiofrequency to destroy fat cells, increase collagen production, and enhance the contours of your body.

The vacuum brings the fat cells closer to the surface of your skin. The infrared light and radiofrequency destroy those fat cells and help your body produce more elastin and collagen, which reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The device rests on your skin, and while you may feel some sensation during the treatment, it’s not painful. The treatment area may be slightly red or warm to the touch afterward, but that fades very quickly. 

The procedure is completely noninvasive, and you don’t require any recovery time. Some patients even have VelaShape III treatments during their lunch break!

Motivations for body contouring

As with any type of cosmetic treatment, the reasons for having body contouring are unique to each individual, and most people have multiple motivations. Here are a few of the most common reasons people seek this particular nonsurgical procedure. 

1. You’ve worked hard

VelaShape III body contouring works best when your body mass index is 30 or less, and when your cellulite is mild to moderate. In many instances that means it’s an appropriate procedure for someone who has made some progress in their fitness, but can’t quite get rid of those last few fat pockets.

Sometimes, no amount of good nutrition or exercise can eliminate stubborn fat or cellulite. That’s where nonsurgical body contouring can help!

2. You’re battling genetics

Some people are more prone to cellulite, thanks to their DNA. If that’s you, there’s not much you can do on your own to eliminate it. However, modern technology like VelaShape III can significantly improve your body contours. 

3. You have some sagging skin

Perhaps you’ve lost some weight, or maybe gravity is exerting its force on your skin. Body contouring can be a good way to combat areas of sagging skin on areas like your abdomen and thighs.

Collagen and elastin are essential for smooth, taut skin, and the infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency spur your body to produce more of both proteins. You may not see the final results immediately, but after a series of treatments you’ll notice tighter skin and less sagging. 

4. Time is limited

VelaShape III treatments are fast, and you can return to your busy life immediately following your session. If you simply don’t have time for extensive surgical procedures and recovery, nonsurgical body contouring could be the best solution for you. 

Want to learn more about body contouring? 

If you’re ready to find out more about nonsurgical body contouring, schedule an appointment at Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Dr. Viglione is happy to discuss your circumstances, goals, and options. 

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