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        Watson Alternative Health and Weight Loss Center was founded approximately 20 years ago by the late William Watson, MD.  He was truly ahead of his time and a pioneer in this field.  He literally brought alternative medicine to the Pensacola area.  Sadly, he succombed to cancer several years ago.  His daughters, Shawn and Leslie, decided to keep the clinic running as his legacy.  They wanted to continue to be able to provide these much needed services to a population of patients who are seeking alternative, more natural approaches to their health care.

        Dr. Viglione has practiced internal medicine integrating alternative and more natural treatments in Gulf Breeze since 1994.  She assumed the role of medical director in the Watson clinic in 2006.  This enabled her to expand her current practice to include intravenous therapy and more methods of detoxification.  She sees primarly cosmetic patients in her Gulf Breeze office (Living Waters Medical Spa and Wellness Center) and her medical and weight loss patients in Milton. Dr. Tracey Pinkston is currently practicing in the Gulf Breeze location seeing patients for traditional internal medicine as well as for wellness, anti-aging, natural hormone treatment, and nutritional counseling. 

        Some of our services are:
                Weight Loss Clinic
                Hyperbaric Oxygen
                Intravenous Vitamin and Nutrient Therapy
                Far Infrared Sauna
                Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
                Growth Hormone Replacement
                Natural Thyroid Hormone Replacement
                Nutritional Supplements
        Please give us a call and start on your road to wellness and health!